Blood Tests to Determine the Impact of the Mouth on the Body

Integrative medicine does not exist without biological dentistry. The mouth with teeth is part of the body that, with its inflammatory conditions and metallic materials, affects health.

At the same time, any body therapy cannot be effective if the body is burdened with oral conditions. Infections can lead to periodontitis or periodontal disease, “dead” teeth with granulomas, and among the metals, there is amalgam containing mercury, as well as most metallic alloys used in bridges and dentures. Inflammation creates an acidic environment, accelerating the “dissolution” of metals that deposit in the body.

In biological dentistry, thorough diagnostics are crucial, including oral examinations, even with a microscope, computer analysis of the periodontal disease status, X-rays, including CBCT, Dark Field microscopy, analysis of inflammatory mediators, etc.

When the diagnostics reveal what needs to be done, the therapeutic phase follows, in which we strictly follow protein-free and biocompatible trends. All materials are carefully selected and body-friendly. In surgery, we use techniques such as PRF, ozone, and PMP – pulsed magnetic field after procedures. These approaches allow us to avoid the use of antibiotics, significantly reducing complications and pain after procedures. In the field of dentures and bridges, we exclusively practice digital dentistry, which provides excellent precision and comfort. If you experience anxiety, we also offer inhalation sedation, “laughing gas,” to provide relaxation before and during procedures.

Blood Tests to Determine the Impact of the Mouth on the Body

  • For those who have already been diagnosed with any condition and wish to understand its causes and eliminate them.
  • For individuals who have experienced illness and are in the rehabilitation phase in one way or another.
  • For those who perceive symptoms of imbalance but have not yet developed specific disease signs.
  • For healthy individuals who want to strengthen their body and mind and maintain their well-being in the long run.